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Stop & Smell the Roses May 31, 2012

Or lilies. Yesterday, I noticed my tiger lilies were starting to bloom. Lilies not only add a splash of color, but if you actually take the time to look and smell them, they are so much more. Their leaves and stalk are sturdy and shiny. The flowers are flashy and confident. These flowers are so perfect, they almost look fake. Ever have that feeling? Someone is too nice to be real? Are you often more shocked when people are kind and polite? The lily is the real thing and yes, there are good people out there. That being said, there is a lot to learn from a lily. In our society we rarely take (or have) time to pay close enough attention to learn such important lessons from nature.


2 Responses to “Stop & Smell the Roses”

  1. Bella Says:

    My sister loves tiger lilies and whenever I see them, I think of her. I like how you remind us of the importance of paying close attention to nature. It’s sad how people are so caught up in the rat race that they forget to observe, appreciate, and take notice of the beauty that surrounds us.

    • I agree, Bella. Sometimes we forget how precious (and limited) our time is. You also bring up another reason to observe – the lilies remind you of your sister – nature evokes specific memories and emotions in a way nothing else can match. Thanks!

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