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Leaf it Alone May 27, 2012

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Healthy, beautiful Basil leaves!


Bright Lights Swiss Chard

The one thing I love about gardening is watching a plant grow from a seed to a beautiful, productive plant. What is it that tells us that plant is healthy? Its leaves. The leaves tell you if the plant is sick, thirsty, hot, or infested. So when there are beautiful leaves, you know your plant is doing well. My best advice? Let nature do its thing. The more I’ve fussed over my garden the less productive it became. Since then I’ve held myself back from “babying” the plants and it rewards me with a healthy, thriving garden. I had a rough start this year and lost a lot of my seedlings but after checking on the garden today, I’m really happy with the way my plants are after a sketchy start. Note the use of “checking on” rather than active gardening. Nature knows what it’s doing.


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