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Memorial Day: A Time to Honor our Heroes May 26, 2012

Warrior’s Walk – Fort Stewart, GA

I have had family members in every war since the Revolution and consider myself very patriotic. Although I would like to banish war from our reality, that is apparently impossible. That being said, it is Memorial Day and a day to honor the brave men and women who devote their lives to protecting us. I have had the honor of visiting many army posts as my brother-in-law is currently serving in the Army. He was stationed and deployed from Fort Stewart, GA for a 15 month tour in the red zone in Iraq. I am happy to report he is home safely, but many others were not so lucky. In 2009, my husband and I visited Fort Stewart and saw Warrior’s Walk . It is a solemn, inspirational place that really makes you reflect on how lucky we are to be American and the cost of our freedom. Thank you to all soldiers – past, present, and future.

For each fallen soldier from Fort Stewart in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, they plant a tree. Each tree contains personal effects of the soldier and some contain gifts from their family left at their base.


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