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Life – Take 2 May 25, 2012

Filed under: Spiritual — hippieonthegrid @ 5:01 pm

I have many varied interests and I still see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to explore them all. Now, this does not work well in our society where students are required to choose one area of direction. The concept of choosing one path stumped me. I had always been interested in science but I also love literature, I have always been good at math but really enjoy gardening. I started college as a biochemistry major, I wanted to study and cure genetic diseases but at the time genetics was leaning toward designer babies and well, that is just not my thing. I got a business degree. After graduation, of course I got work, ten years ago a business degree got you a job (today is a different story). Yes, I made some good money but realized, I hated it. Two years ago, I realized I became an angry, unsatisfied, negative person because I let myself do something I dreaded everyday. I decided to make a change and went back to school for psychology. Ironically, I have realized psychology tends to include a lot of what I am interested in. I am still “starting out” all over again but think a good look at oneself and a huge leap of faith can change your life. I am still battling old demons, but each day I try to let myself be myself, at least for a little while.


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