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Another Voice May 24, 2012

Filed under: Spiritual — hippieonthegrid @ 11:18 pm

I have never really sat down and analyzed myself enough to think about what “type” of person I am, but I recently took some time to step back and actually consider myself. I thought about what matters to me, what I enjoy, and actually listened to myself. I realized I am passionate about holistic living, feeding the heart, soul, mind, and body. I love food, gardening, literature, spirituality, and the environment. That, coupled with my propensity to part my hair in the middle, it struck me – I am the twenty-first century version of a hippie. I say that tongue in cheek as although I recognize the significance and importance of the true hippies of the 60’s, there was plenty I didn’t agree with and definitely some things I cannot live without. Sure, I dream of living in the middle of nowhere, being self-sufficient, without any reliance on the government and the grid. But alas, I like to be close to family and friends, my husband and I have good jobs, and I like that when I need something it’s not that far away. That being said, I try to live as close to my dream as possible within reason. I know I’m not alone and hope I can bring another voice to our way of living.


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